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To Rahmat Haidari and Sajia Hussain of Afghanistan


If our hopes and dreams

are not allies to the fertile passions

of our inner selves

but broken into junctures of silence-

our thoughts would be infertile

to the currency of art,

and stamp flakes on the page

of tomorrow’s history.


The dark shadows scar,

flare daunts

and haunting grief of disbelief

engraved on pure hearts

that have wills of self

and pleasures of gold

to the echo that fades

in lingering distance


The bitter path

has “condomized” my senses

to poor spectacles of the world’s beauty

and now,

I live in emptiness

I walk in a young day

I pray in the lost souls of time

For I am that unknown poet

Forgotten by the winds


Copyright © 20-04-2013

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

aka Poet et Cetera


This Poem sings a song of empathy. I wrote this piece after watching the documentary on a young Afghan woman( poet)and her struggles to survive in the world of writing) trailer: 20 minutes, English subtitles.


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