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(First Published in the Enchanting verses literary Journal in India and Poetryspace UK)

Imagine this good life;

The bursting sunset,

As a window on the world

Setting at the edge of the desert, 

The roaring oceans with tales of mermaids,

As warmth to our coldish strife 

Uplifting, washing the shore.


The cushioning clouds, 

Shelter us, condense showering drops of dew,

To dampen our nightmares 

The angelic array of stars;

Zodiacs and light in the night sky,

Ease our blindfold scare 

And ride over our hopeless ambitions



The unseen magnitude of planets, 

Allows mysteries to be unraveled

To house the fate and character of man

So we understand seasonal trends of ice and harvest

The jungles deep but serene and green,

Barks of trees as herbs, and dancing monkeys

Humming bees flying, peaceful doves,

Trumpeting elephants and chirping birds,

Create nature’s delight, of

How wonderful Earth would have been

Without conflicts that wound.



Copyright ©

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

aka Poet et Cetera


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