When I see you

my eyes turn into little hearts

my nose sniffs love at a distance

like a dog craving for the lost desires of its soul


When I see you

my cut diamond eyes

with a black birthright of wax

sense and image lyrical colors

‘coz I see songs in multiple scenes



Copyright © 20-05-2013

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah



Sikaman has always been my name
it was my birthright
which was passed on from my ancestors
to my grandfather, who sowed the seeds
on fertile lands and allowed not the rains pour
to germinate that which had been planted
Sikaman…. Agya Sikaman, had a gourd
filled to the brim with water
and would sprinkle them on these pallets
so the gods would match his hard work
with fruits and wealth of his labor

Sikaman has always been my name
My grandfather planted this yoke
and before his death,
fastened its walking stick
into a distant galaxy
and opined to my father, “bear Sikaman as a tattoo
of our household name, for there lies thy glory”.
Sikaman… Agya Sikaman, I recalled had a calabash
always full of fermented palm sap
and would look to the skies
as his Kente wax, scares the eyes of the cursed
by pouring libation to the gods of our ancestors

Sikaman has always been my name
the wit of my father
and tensile strength
which bears jewelries of gold and cola
for thy sons and daughters behold says,
“little by little fills up the bowl”.

Copyright © 15-07-2013
Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah


My Interview on Poets Aloud after winning the Most Empowered Youth Poet in Canada

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Poetry Award Winner of the Kostis Kalamas Poetry Prize in Greece, UPLI

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Feature on World Poetry Canada

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Write me a poem

Unwind me with sonnets,

And unbound my imagery.


Queue my emotions,

In stanza’s of rhyme

And metamorphose my ego,

To the limelight of poignant pun.


Write me a symphony

Jazz my holidays with similes,

Of the Beethoven and Classical muse,

Defined in meters, clefs and keys.


Copyright (C) 2012

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah



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I have won a sweepstake,

An armory of arms.

And I can make a billion bucks

By emptying them on the streets

Through crooks and hooks


For posterity sake and you,

I leave you to the peace of Eden

By burning the unjust fortune

Of pain, and mourning tunes


Copyright © 2012

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah (Ghana)

Published in Virtue and Vices Anthology, Forward Poetry and used at UK Libraries