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to 2012 Olympics, FIFA, UEFA, and the new spirit of our games

I am white

I am black

It speaks no good of us

I am “this”

I am “that”

It has no breed of us

And these, I strongly despise

I am of the cold

You are of the warmth

It has no bearing of creation

For we have one blood,

As equal beings,

And for this,

I pledge No to Racialism,

But memories of laughter

In our beautiful game

Of dancing glory.

Copyright © 25-06-2012

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah


I call this Poem The Badge. This Poem seeks to promote equality and rule out racism in the beautiful game of football. I am calling on the governing body of World games-FIFA, UEFA, etc to inscribe this piece on the front pockets of team or club Jerseys and tickets of fans. This Pledge would be recited by both the players and fans before very game, so they  get absorbed  by their own words and actions. Any fan or player who goes contrary to this pledge has abused the rule of the game and would be held liable. A player automatically retires from the game. A fan would offer humanitarian service to community for six months and retires from watching a game at any stadia.