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A man who calls his kinsmen to a feast does not do so to redeem them from starving.

They all have food in their own houses.

We also gather together in the moonlight village ground,

not because of the moon’s boon

but we come together because it is good for Kinsmen or people

to do so. (Chinua Achebe, in his book, ‘Things Fall Apart)



It is amazing how cultures differ

Religions transform

Marriages cut borders

And human societies flourish


When I hear a Chinese speak

that is soothing enough to be a song

When I see a Japanese dance in mid-morning gong

that is rich food to satisfy an empty soul

from the grips of depression.


When I sit on a dinner table with a Panamanian

that is brewed taste of reggae love

and an echoing worship,

mildly singing “Love each other”


When I chance into Russians and Germans

there’s fine Vodka and Beer  away

summoning my instinct to keep coming back home for more


When I am home with an Italian couple

that is pure art of a rising sun

and an emotional spot for unmarried poems

who are yet  to taste the stanzas and rhymes of beauty


When fine art of lazing smoke

entraps my inquisitive nostrils

that’s a Cuban Cigar of magical wonder

attracting as the wealthy queen of Arabia

in dancing yonder


When you spot Elephants on the Chobe River

and the Makgadigadi pans experience rains

that’s a Batswana painting and sight as a Mona Lisa


When a Zambian is served an Nshima with an Ndiwo

that’s an expression of tales of hospitality and folklore

brewed from an African pot



When I stare in awe to the Samba by a Brazilian

that’s times way of healing in the most unbearable of pain


When you greet a Ni-Van and she responds unusually gently,

ask her about the meal she prepared for dinner

and if it is rice, then, there is famine in her home.


Wear the traditional canon of an Ethiopian shawl

and that’s a taste of elegance before the altar of prayer.


When I see a Kenyan on board a Delta Airlines flight

In snooze mode to America

that is another Obama in the making


When you fall in love with a Ghanaian

that’s immortality in the face of death

and a cure of depressed hunger



We came together for a grand feast

which exposed us to different traits and characters


Let’s recognize ourselves as a people

dealing with people

even in the scarcest of cultures and religion

as we might not know where another Obama could be born.


      Love Each Other.

                                           Keep on loving each other

                                                                                  As I could be the next Obama

                                                                                        ‘coz I felt in love with a foreigner of another land.


Copyright © 25-06-2017

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah 

aka Poet et Cetera

Written in Beijing-China during a 3 week seminar on Climate Change where I fell in love with the amazing people from different cultures and backgrounds.  Credit to Igwee of Kenya and all participants to the conference. It was nice seeing you all.

A moment as beautiful as a young Rose

or a yawning sunflower

that cannot quiet its petals from drawing butterflies

awoke a funny sunlight to the delight of our eyes


a time after time of chiming winds

with tickling sensation of love

was like a brewed kiss from an honest answer


a startled picturesque

as sight of morning Zebras

birthed a paradise of praise like an exciting salmagundi

in a magical recipe of thoughtfulness


a distant stare of an ageing couple

as smell of fresh milk and chocolates

dumped my thundering peals into a dawn of newness


a February of cupids it was

a memory along a smiley rivulets we sat

a sight of clopping horses and disciples of stars

is my wish for you and I, against the world.



Copyright © 14-02-2018

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

aka Poet et Cetera


(First Published by Tuck Magazine, February 2015 in Canada)


When the calabash of a drunkard breaks

He shall not rescind the fallen of his drink

to the gathering of itchy ants

whose thirsty throats

cannot beget the savor of its mints


The drunk,

of his addiction would continually make merry

from the pot that brewed the wine

and contaminate infant tongues

and crawling minds

with the belief in death

and notion of forgetfulness


He would say, “let us not work

for tomorrow is for the “fool” who believes in it”.



satisfaction and addiction

is as contagious as an adulterous lust.

 Copyright © 14-02-15

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah

aka Poet et cetera 

to 2012 Olympics, FIFA, UEFA, and the new spirit of our games

I am white

I am black

It speaks no good of us

I am “this”

I am “that”

It has no breed of us

And these, I strongly despise

I am of the cold

You are of the warmth

It has no bearing of creation

For we have one blood,

As equal beings,

And for this,

I pledge No to Racialism,

But memories of laughter

In our beautiful game

Of dancing glory.

Copyright © 25-06-2012

Michael Kwaku Kesse Somuah


I call this Poem The Badge. This Poem seeks to promote equality and rule out racism in the beautiful game of football. I am calling on the governing body of World games-FIFA, UEFA, etc to inscribe this piece on the front pockets of team or club Jerseys and tickets of fans. This Pledge would be recited by both the players and fans before very game, so they  get absorbed  by their own words and actions. Any fan or player who goes contrary to this pledge has abused the rule of the game and would be held liable. A player automatically retires from the game. A fan would offer humanitarian service to community for six months and retires from watching a game at any stadia.