On this land of fertility
most men have gathereth no sow
fruits have lost their savor
trees by the rivers,
they blossom no more
their leafs are dead withers without any herbal whispers
and their branches bedeviled in an intercourse of mourning screeches

Who was that serpentine man who wooed the gods to this unjust play?
Who misrepresented the language to the King to accept this abominable cola?
Who screwed the mouth of the earth
and sentenced their tongues to abject thirst?
Who was the locust that acted as the Judas conceiver
and sold the lands for just a pitiful dowry
without any sensitive emotions of remembrance to the unborn generations?

Wicked souls,
holding crafted bowls of hails
by blinded gluttons
in teaming following
who only think of today.

I am galamsey, the dependable devil.
I am the landed prostitute men ‘gala’
and ‘sayeth”, we have used her
I am the sinking sand of pestilence
ditching gradually as a rabbit
to a day’s doom……..

Kwaku Kesse
AD 2023

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God, set me on my rightful season of harvest
and assassinate any demonic eye monitoring my purposely fields
Cast a net of wrath against the strange farmer
whose interest is to steal and destroy
for he is like the weevil, locust and cankerworm
that hungers for fruits they did not sow
Let the earth swallow their feet
Let the winds blow their security and lay them into the abyss of hell
Make them mad carriers of basket in fetching water
Cast their spirits into shadows of their own defeats
And let their manifold evil manipulations befall their own disappointments
Hedge me O Lord with your undying fire
And let your presence alone be a warefare against household wickedness
Expose their doings, and let them be audible “confessors”
Wrap around them a spirited polygraph
So their shame would not have an iota of lie
Set me apart O Jehovah from human weeds
but make me a drawer of peace of mind from the morning dew
Let the bridegroom of the sun,
uncover the masked demolitions of the workers of the night
Count them filthy, inseparable from death
Restore O Lord my stolen glories
and correct the foundations of my birth to the aww of a table before my enemies
If they should arise seven times
Defeat them 10 times and shield me with hyssop and salt
Let my existence escape them and exempt me from household covenants of evil crafts
Destroy the proud witch who has opened my family gates to the torments of unknown strangers
and let these aliens be served with long term sufferings
Should they vow my death
Hide me in the cave of Adullam
and let them conspire against themselves into their own destruction
Let generations after them wallow in pain
and may you not remember even a token of a good they did
Wipe away their resources and make them desirous beggars without help
Remember me O God and never forsake me
Hold me as a firm pillar
Massage me gently as a Child after your own heart
Kiss me with the kisses of truth and purity so I would see you
Breath on me a discerning spirit
so in the days of my Kingly glory,
the limelight of your governance would come to bear
Open my eyes to your unending love and mercies
And cleanse me, my children, and siblings from a prolonged judgement resulting from the mistakes of our parents
Deactivate me from the shackles of evil entrapment
And let your light shine forth on my daily walk with you
Let Angels intercede for my sake and let them intercept the cripples of the enemy
Deliver from me from debt, and
Let the 24 Elders in the heavenly glory resound my name as their beloved
And let this spirited bond, shield my home from disgrace
Be my watch, builder and friend
‘Tis I surrender in earnest prayer of Thanksgiving and scripted warfare of praise. Amen

Kwaku Kesse
AD 2022


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I sat quietly with goose bumps and shivering chills

I just could not come to terms with my own self

I started writing without knowing what was wrong with me

I needed answers to several burdened questions

But I could not just pinpoint on a scale of ten (10),

what could satisfy all these desirous needs

I felt I needed God to speak

I could sense I needed fulfilment, a promise, money

peace of mind and a health of solace  

I thought I could live freely without problems

I greatly wanted to win the lottery and live alone on an island

with washing waves and endless breezy embrace

But the more I thought, the most I weakly needed family too  

I wished I could learn, be in school and stay abroad

I dreamt I was home to the morning dew of white handshakes

and a holier breath of nature’s snow

But I was startled in a set up of flashing photographs

that could leave beautiful memories or an escape of a divine purpose

I dared was another man

But I only saw a dog as his only family

I could retrieve emotions that could not be trashed

I was awake in a season that was feared

and only needed a bath with a “ginny” touch   

I prayed I could get all my settlements in a moment

so I could not live in seasonal testament

I felt fire under my sleeves

I kept losing with the work of my hands

I thought for once, it was of a device of a spiritual inclination

I saw flashlights of defeat and stormy doubts

I nearly lost it but hope said “No” in a currency of affirmed language

I needed a flood gate of rain

For life was hard, though short as a midget

I could not rewrite the dots

‘coz the garment of discernment had eroded me

I had become a fragile prey

being outplayed by the slightest wind

I wish happiness could be an inspired meal

served to even the lifeless commoner  

I wish we could be led right

by a sufficient politician who accepts a slap on his cheek

when a fly settles on it

I yearn not to be insufficiently angered

by noisy old death traps

mimicking and milking the pitiful dry generations

I watch them say, “we will redraft the future”

but I wonder in pain, ‘coz they’ve already lived it

I have now become of flesh and in spirit

For I have learned, unlearned and relearned

And by this reason,

Life is an unending race of scars and stars

with failure and wins as an awarding expectation

And thus, requires an architectural mentality

Kwaku Kesse

AD 2022


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